Jacobson Memorial Hospital Care Center
We’re here 24/7
The providers at Jacobson Memorial Hospital Care Center, Elgin Community Clinic, Glen Ullin Family Medical Clinic and the Richardton Clinic care for you and your family with professional, high standards and a genuine concern for your health. They’re supported by a top-quality nursing and ancillary staff with years of experience. We’re here for you...24/7.

JMHCC: 584-2792                  
Elgin Community Clinic: 584-3338                  
Glen Ullin Family Medical Clinic: 348-9175             
Richardton Clinic: 974-3372
Our Providers
FNP Carrie Gerving
Chief Operating Office
Carrie Gerving, certified as a family nurse practitioner, works primarily at the Glen Ullin clinic. She has an extensive background in the area and joined JMHCC in December 2016. 
FNP Carey Rivinius
Family Nurse Practitioner Carey Rivinius began working at JMHCC as an RN in 2002 and has worked as an FNP since 2008. She started her career as a volunteer EMT with the Carson Ambulance Service when she was 16 years old, and as a CNA at JMHCC when she was 19. 
Our Staff
CEO Theo Stoller
CFO Scott Ostenson
Kristin Heid
Business Office Manager/
HR Coordinator
Tyawna Ackerman
Our Board
Leslie Niederman, Morristown, Chairperson
Joel Klein, Elgin, Vice chairperson
Julie Armijo, Carson, Secretary
Ann Hertz, Carson
Marcy Haase, New Leipzig
Ron Bartz, Elgin
Patrick Diehl, Carson
Dennis Sabin, Morristown, S.D.
JoAnn Schatz, Elgin

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Our Consulting Staff
JMHCC provides comprehensive care with four providers who live in the area, along with consulting providers. These professional consultants include:

Dr. John Sanderson, DDS, Dental Consult

St. Alexius Hospital Staff Radiologists    
Davis, William, MD 
Fortney, Michael, MD
Holmen, John, MD
Peterson, Douglas, MD
Podoll, Lee, MD
Schirado, Mike, MD

Sanford Health Staff Pathologists   
Colby, Karna, MD 
Fisher, Catherine, MD 
Jia, Hongchen, MD 
Johnson, Craig, MD 
Meyer, Jason, MD 
Reinke, Dennis, MD 
Rodacker, Mark, MD

St. Alexius Nephrologists   
Sunanda, Jain, MD
Raducu, Radu, MD
Sandhu, Ankur, MD 

St. Alexius V-Rad Teleragiologists    
Austin, Mark, MD
Austin, Susan, MD 
Bae, Hannah,  MD 
Bloch-Menschik, Melissa, MD 
Bulczak, Dariusz P., MD
Browning, Carol Ann, MD 
Buckley, Celine, MD 
Caldemeyer, Karen Stark, MD 
Clarke, Delphia M., MD
Crowder, Eric, MD 
Davis, Mark, MD
Davis, Thomas Neil, MD 
Detlie, Tore, MD
Fitzwater, Amanda K., MD 
Fox, Stephen G., MD 
Gambino, John, MD 
Goradia, Dhawal, MD 
Henry, Charles, MD 
Holt, Peter, MD 
Hoo, Charles C., MD 
Hotchkiss, Laura,  MD 
Hunter, David L., MD
Izadi, Kamron, MD 
Kang, Margaret, MD 
Katz, Charles Allen, MD 
Kavanaugh, Joseph, MD
Keller, Kathy, MD 
Klekers, Albert, MD
Mack, Joseph Michael, MD 
Magno, Rebecca Marie, MD
Paul, Marc Howard, MD 
Radparvar, Arash, MD 
Reese, Ronald, MD 
Rethy, Michael, MD 
Rickman, Christopher, MD 
Rossin, Richard David, MD 
Santa Maria, Jed,  MD
Shaffrey, Julie, MD 
Sobota, Kristi, MD 
Sonken, Ronald, MD 
Strong, Benjamin W., MD
Sussman, Arlene, MD 
Sydow, Gregg, MD
Toothman, Richard Lee, MD 
Tran, Ann Anh, MD 
Turner, James H., MD 
Vreedland, Thomas, MD 
Wong, William J., MD 

St. Alexius Psychiatry    
Capan, Michael, MD
Dahmen, Kevin, MD
Lance, Michael, MD 
Mirzai, Michael, MD 
Row, Jeffrey, MD

Avera - Telemedicine eEmergency    
Friedman, Jared, MD 
Johnson, Nate, MD 
Kosiak, Jr., Donald, MD 
Kress, Nicole, MD 
Rhone, Kelly, MD 
Solares, Andrew, MD 
Skow, Brian, MD
Stethem, Nicole, MD
Taylor, Garrett, MD
Travnicek, John, MD 
VanOeveren, Lucas, MD 
Vaughn, Collin, MD 

Crystal Stoller
Lab Director 
Rhonda Haas
Dietary Supervisor
Tim Pruitt
Environmental Services 
Dr. Alan Lindemann
Chief of Medical Staff
Dr. Alan Lindemann likes to visit with his patients to learn their stories. A North Dakota native, he received his medical degree from the University of North Dakota and completed his residency at Regions Hospital in St. Paul, Minn. He started seeing patients at JMHCC in March 2016.

FNP Rhonda Schmidt
Rhonda Schmidt, certified as a family nurse practitioner, joined JMHCC in 2018. She earned her associate of science degree with a concentration in pre-nursing (ASPN) from the University of North Dakota-Williston, and her bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) and master’s degrees from the University of Mary in Bismarck. 
Dr. Elizabeth Sundberg
Dr. Elizabeth Sundberg has a bachelor of science degree in medical technology and a master’s, doctorate and medical degree in biochemistry from the Oregon Health & Science University in Portland, Ore. She also did further training in internal medicine and nephrology, and also developed an interest in emergency room and trauma medicine. 

Shaun Schottmiller
Radioloy Supervisor
JFNP Jolene Engelhart
Jolene Engelhart is a board certified family nurse practitioner. She received her undergraduate training at the University of Jamestown and her master's degree as an FNP from the University of Mary. Jolene has extensive experience in neurology. She also is experienced in addiction medicine, behavioral health and family medicine. Jolene joined the Richardton Clinic in December 2018.
FNP April Berger
April Berger completed her master’s of science degree in nursing with an FNP tract from Bradley University. She was previously an RN, working as a nurse in southwestern North Dakota for several years. She joined JMHCC in January 2020.